Why start a Blog?…

I recently moved to Europe and one day I somehow stumbled across Germany’s affinity for “naturkosmetiks” and instantly became intrigued….


There are so many different brands, touting so many different things across a range of budgets – different prices for different quality I’m sure. I have been using more “natural” skin care products for well over a year now. My mother, sister and I were introduced to Arbonne in 2014, mainly because my sister’s friend became a rep and wanted to practice on us. Unfortunately we really liked the products. A year and a half later we still do. Right now it’s a bit of a squeeze for my student budget (and the fact that they don’t ship to Germany).

After finding all of these great things available to me in Germany I wanted to know more about them so  I searched for Bloggers and Vloggers that reviewed them. But alas, they were all in German (of course). There’s a few here and there that will do a German and an English version which is AWESOME, but most don’t. Although I have the translate thing in Google Chrome, sometimes it’s still hard to really understand what the reviewer is trying to say (there aren’t always English translations for German words).

This blog is my journey through the plethora of cosmetics and skin care products available that are natural, clean, green, hopefully organic, and oftentimes vegan and cruelty free. I will write reviews and my opinions on products that I use in the hope that it will help others.

I have created this blog is for those English speakers (or English readers!) out there that have just moved to Germany (or anywhere else these products are sold) or if you’re just travelling through and want to sample a few interesting new things. Looking at my current available fund I will probably be starting off with more budget friendly products, still trying to find the best I can in what I will call the “reasonable price range” or “cheap and cheerful” category. Ultimately, I want to find the best products for me, and thought I might be able to help others out along the way…

I am by no means an expert in the area of skin care; I am here to talk about what works for me and to attempt to entertain you on my journey…


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