Review of two of my new daily products

I have added a couple of products I recently purchased while here in Germany to my daily routine.

These new additions include the Zell Aktiv Augenpflege mit Blauer Hibiskus (Eye Serum with Blue Hibiscus) from Alverde and the Clean & Care – Pflegendes Gesichtswasser mit Ginkgo und Gurkenextrakt (Facial Toner with Ginkgo and Cucumber extract) from Rival de Loop.


I went into dm in search of an eye cream or similar, I hadn’t really used one but felt I should probably be looking after the skin around my eyes better.

I ended up coming out with the Zell Aktiv Augenpflege mit Bluer Hibiskus (among lots of other things!) and I started using it that night.


Alverde’s Zell Aktiv range is for more mature skin, ages 30 and upwards they recommend, its part of their line of anti-aging products. The plant stem cells in the products are there to protect the skin’s natural stem cells so the tissue is supported and reduces the appearance of fine lines. I’m probably not quite in that age category yet but I thought a bit of prevention couldn’t hurt!

The packaging is nice, although certainly not anything luxurious, but this is more of a budget product anyway so you can’t complain too much. It comes in a 15ml plastic bottle with a nice and ergonomic pump.


I suppose I’ve had this product for a week or two now and I really like it. It’s quite a rich serum that takes a while to absorb and I don’t really like to that that shiny look around my eyes so I only use this product at night. I apply in between using my Arbonne Serum and night crème.

It has a bit of a vegetation or plant-y scent, I don’t really know how else to describe it, its certainly not unpleasant, but that soon disappears.

I only use a very tiny amount which is usually more than enough (about half of what you can see on my finger in the photo) for each eye. You only need to push the pump thing down the tiniest bit to get enough product. When applying, I focus on the under-eye area and then ring my entire eye avoiding the eyelid or getting the product too close that it might migrate into my eye throughout the course of the night.


The skin around my eyes tends to get very sensitive and sometimes this product can sting a bit (but any product seems to – except some pure coconut oil).

Instead of using conventional make up remover I use these ENJO makeup remover pads. You just add water to the pad and then remove your makeup, no chemicals needed. They come in a pack of 7, one for each day I guess, and once you use them you just wash them in the washing machine in their little bag with your clothes. I’m not sure if ENJO is available outside of Australia but they’re a cleaning product company, they have a different type of cloth or sponge for any cleaning situation, and all you need is water! Chemical free! I see them as a bit more eco-friendly as you are not constantly buying products in packaging.

I really think I have noticed a difference in the appearance of the skin around my eyes. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before photo so showing you an after photo seems pretty pointless… The darkness I always have in the corners of my eyes seems to have lessened and they also appear to be less puffy.  For a product that only cost € 5.95 and carries the Vegan and NuTrue seals I am quite happy. Although I guess the only flaw in this is that I haven’t really had much experience with eye cremes in general.

I think this is really a product that anyone could use, but especially if you have quite thirsty skin around your eyes. The only thing I would say is that it is potentially not for morning use as it takes quite a long time to absorb, or absorb at all in fact – at least in my experience. If they have a tester of this product in your local dm I would definitely give it a go and see how it suits you, or just buy one as it is very reasonably priced and you can just use in the evenings like me if you need to.

* NOTE * I swatched the Zell Active Serum Blauer Hibiskus on the back of my hand in the store and once it had absorbed the skin felt amazing a smooth! Will definitely be purchasing when my Arbonne serum runs out I think! And it was only about €7.


The second product I have added to my daily routine is the Pflegendes Gesichtswasser mit Ginkgo und Gurkenextrakt from Rival de Loop’s Clean & Care range. I chose the one without alcohol (they do make one with alcohol though for anyone that is interested). I needed a toner one day and quickly ran into Rossmann and ended up with this one. Not exactly a naturkosmetik, but it does bare the Vegan seal, and its alcohol free which again is nice.


I use this product in the morning and as well as in the evening after cleansing my face, mainly to make sure I haven’t missed any residual makeup or other daily yukkies. I do not dislike the scent but I wouldn’t say it was lovely and flowery or anything like that. My face does feel refreshed afterwards but then somewhat sticky for a short time (probably due to absence of alcohol accelerating the drying process).

I used to use a Witch Hazel toner in Australia (I think it was from T. N. Dickinson’s) and will be on the lookout for one here as I really liked that one since it was all natural and cruelty free.

This Rival de Loop toner does its job well, will certainly suffice for now, and for only €0.79 I can’t complain too much! Certainly a great budget toner, especially if you’re looking for something alcohol free.






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