Quick London Visit

Went to London last week as one of my best friends was moving there from Australia…

Got to do a bit of sightseeing but it was mostly trying to find him an apartment! So here’s a few pics and thoughts from my trip…


Had some great weather most of the time, which is quite unlike London! A bit of rain here and there but it wasn’t too bad…

Saw of few of the obligatory London sights…




We were able to check out the Borough Markets, the Brick Street area and Markets, and the Camden Markets. FOOD GALORE! Pretty sure I just ate the entire time and put on about a thousand kilos!

Borough Markets were great for food and drinks, ready made as well as green grocer style. You could buy nearly anything here!




Brick Lane had awesome food halls, and halls full of vintage everything, and handmade eveyrthing. It also had some cool graffiti too!







Camden Markets also had a bit of everything, from food from all difference cultures, to a cafe that only sold cereal, all the way through anything else you can think of; clothes, rugs, lamps, rave gear, everything.



Had some great food outside of the markets as well. We went to an awesome Tapas place called Caravan, and a fantastic Mexican place called Wahaca. Actually everywhere I went to eat was great! Really lucked out with restaurants. We also went to a couple of great cocktail places as well, one over Leicester Square way was called Casa something-or-other. Delicious!



I flew with KLM which made a stop in Amsterdam on the way there and also on the way back which I didn’t mind, the layover was pretty quick and I got to fly over the Netherlands. Its amazing to see what they have done with the land there, they are quite the engineers! All the canals make for some beautiful sights, even if very unnatural.


Have you been to London? Anywhere I should definitely check out next time I’m there and have more time?




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