Liebster Award!

A big thank you to Amanda from BunnyGrumbles for the nomination! You should definitely check out her blog, I really love reading her down-to-earth reviews!


For those who have never heard of this award (i.e. me), the Liebster Award is an honor that’s passed from blogger to blogger – it’s aimed at encouraging support between bloggers and bringing attention to new blogs.

The rules:

  1. Answer your nominator’s fun questions!
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (if their site doesn’t show that stat, I’m using Bloglovin’ or Instagram or some other form of social media – I figure it still counts).
  4. Come up with 11 new questions for your nominees!

Here are my answers to Amanda’s questions:

  1. What got you into blogging? I had recently moved to Germany and discovered the plethora of “Naturkosmetiks” and was looking for reviews on them. Pretty well all of them were in German (understandably) and it was difficult for me, with a severe lack of German vocab, to really understand if these products were good or not. I decided to make this blog for people like me. Foreigners who were struggling translating German blogs J
  2. What was your first makeup product? Skincare? Tough question… I guess it was probably skincare, and I’m thinking some kind of facial cleaner or scrub….?
  3. If you could jump into a book and live in it for a day, what book would you choose? I read a lot of action books that I don’t think I would last an hour in, let alone one day! Let’s just say a picture book with dragons, I would really like a dragon haha
  4. What’s your favorite decade, aesthetically speaking? I would say I have different favourites depending on if we’re talking about architecture or fashion. But I think overall, I would have to say modern, even if not strictly a decade. I like clean, simple, lines and forms.
  5. Cats or dogs? Cats. But I grew up with both.
  6. What’s your idea of comfort food? Chocolate that doesn’t make me feel sick when I over eat it (if this exists please let me know!!!)
  7. Describe your morning routine. Hit the snooze button a number of times. Stumble my way downstairs to make some breakfast. Grump around and complain to myself about how early it is. Maybe a shower. Brush teeth. Make my face look presentable. Pretend I care what my hair looks like. Run around the house looking for things because I’m late.
  8. How do you take your tea? Herbal-y?
  9. Any Holy Grail products on/in your makeup/skincare bag/shelf (oof, have fun parsing that)? Dr. Bronners – literally can use for anything. My 100% Pure Creamy Eyeliner is pretty amazing, I use it basically every day. My Enjo Makeup Remover reusable pad things…
  10. Who’s your favorite superhero? Another tough one… Captain Planet? Does he count? Since we need to save the world and all that.
  11. Last show you binge-watched? Arrested Development. And I didn’t even enjoy it that much…?

Eleven Facts about me:

  1. I am a chocoholic
  2. I am Australian
  3. I have a younger sister
  4. I have two Bachelor Degrees (currently working on a Masters)
  5. My family lives on the other side of the planet
  6. I love garlic
  7. I don’t drink enough water
  8. My wardrobe is full of clothes but I never have anything to wear (standard girl, I know)
  9. I have played soccer since I was 6 years old
  10. I always have cold feet (thanks, bad circulation)
  11. I love cheese

Here are my nominees:

  1. The Shutter Ink Diary
  2. Do Good and Be the Change
  3. Sonnensprossen
  4. Greenconscience
  5. Nazmasite

And here are my questions to them:

  1. What inspired you to start a blog?
  2. What is your ideal working environment?
  3. Favourite band, or if that’s too difficult, genre of music?
  4. Any awesome Christmas gifts you’d like to share/brag about? (Yes you’re allowed to brag J)
  5. Tea or Coffee?
  6. Dream travel destination?
  7. Any goals for 2016?
  8. Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
  9. White, Milk, or Dark chocolate?
  10. What book are your currently reading?
  11. And finally, a favourite quote?

Thanks again Amanda! This has been great!




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