January Instagram Favourites

Here’s a new segment I thought I might start to include into my blog since my Instagram is what I use EVERY SINGLE DAY (can anyone say technology dependence?) I’d actually seen another blog do a similar thing a while ago… I can’t remember who it was now… Sorry whoever you are! It’s a really good idea!

I’d like to start keeping track of what happens month to month, and this seemed like a nice visual way to do it. So now you all have to put up with my record keeping!

Yes sorry, there will be some cat pics in there as well… He’s too cute to leave out!


Apparently, I had a fairly busy January since there were quite a few interesting photos that I left out. I started 2016 off in London with some of my Australian friends and was on the London Eye on New Years Day. I was sent some of itha‘s fabulous new products to test out. (I finally clicked over 1000 followers!) My kitten is growing up way too fast. I realised my Dr. Bronner’s collection is getting slightly out of hand. My Kjaer Weis Blush Brush that I won during their Christmas Giveaways arrived. I made a resolution to take time to enjoy the simple things in life like fabulous sunrises. And to drink more water.

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