Quick Life Update

Hi all, I’m sorry I’ve been so absent… Life has absolutely flown by the last couple of months. I’ve had lots of changes – new apartment, new job, new position on the student council, new social life… AND trying to keep up with all my Master’s classes…

I’ve still tried to stay active on Instagram as much as I can but I would to get back into my blog, I’m currently working on a post about my current skincare and haircare. I’m so happy with my skin at the moment, if you follow me on Instagram you can see that I hardly every wear foundation any more, at least for the standard everyday.

I have also recently started a love affair with my local TK Maxx; it’s amazing how many gorgeous organic and all natural products you can find there if you dig hard enough. I often just have to tell myself “NO!” since I want to buy everything I find! Skincare is usually easier, haircare is a bit more of a struggle, at least for me. They will often have natural products available, but they still contain coco-sulfate which I am trying hard to avoid.

I’ve also embarked on a quest to cut sugar out of my diet. Well, at least pre-processed sugar. I often choose to eat vegan meals as well; I have cut almost all dairy out except for some butter occasionally and cheese (I love it way too much!). If any of you are interested, I can write a post about how that part of my life is progressing as well.

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to take more time out for myself, to stop and smell the flowers as it were. I wanted to stop rushing and look after myself. With my move I am seen my overall wellbeing improve, I’m happier and less anxious. Though in the last weeks or months, I have forgotten my resolution: to take time out for myself. I found this quote by Ray Bradbury the other day and it really resonated with me.


I rarely get anything right the first time, but I don’t think anybody really does. That’s what life is all about, learning from your stumbles and mistakes.

Anyway, enough blabbing for now…  Hope you all can forgive me for my hiatus, but I am definitely going to try hard now to get back into this!

Lots of Love,



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