Eyebrow Pencils – Alverde vs Benecos

This one is for my budget conscious green beauty lovers… Here in Germany there are a few Naturkosmetik brands that are fairly readily available and great for those looking to avoid harmful chemicals while still looking after their pennies. The drug store (drogerie-markt) dm has its own Naturkosmetik brand Alverde Naturkosmetik which has some great makeup and skin care, and then there’s Benecos which is available at various drug stores and health food store (and online).


I purchased the Alverde Naturkosmetik Eyebrown Pencil (Augenbrauen-Stift) in 02 Brunette which is the darkest brown they offer and have been using it for a while now… I have always thought it was slightly too red for me, but being the lazy person that I am, have just put up with it. Yesterday I *finally* purchased the Benecos Eyebrow-Designer in the darkest brown shade after I saw it on Au naturaliya forever ago.

Left: Alverde Naturkosmetik Augenbrauen-Stift , Right: Benecos Eyebrow-Designer

First off, the Benecos Eyebrow-Designer has a much more ashy tone to it which I think works much better for my colouring. Secondly I much prefer the spooly over the weird brush thing that’s included with the Alverde Brow Pencil; but hey that’s just my personal preference.


Both are Vegan, and certified Naturkosmetiks; Alverde is certified by Natrue, and Benecos is certified by BDIH. Both products are available for under €3 (winner!), but Benecos is available for purchase online at retailers such as ecco-verde, whereas I think you can only buy Alverde products from dm stores…

Left: Alverde NaturkosmetikAugenbrauen-Stift, Right: Benecos Eyebrow-Designer

Thoughts from you guys? Do you think I’m crazy for thinking the Benecos Brow Pencil suits me better?…





7 thoughts on “Eyebrow Pencils – Alverde vs Benecos

  1. The Benecos one looks better, but the Alverde one isn’t that bad.

    The brush Alverde provides is great if you first want to remove some foundation. I *always* get some mineral foundation in my brows, and I can remove it with that dense brush. To blend the colour into my brows … I got used to the brush.

    Usually, first I use brow powder, then I fix it with transparent brow gel (which comes with a spoolie).

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  2. The Benecos one does look better. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting that one for a little while. When I can be bothered to do my eyebrows, I’ve been using the darkest powder in their brown eyeshadow quad, but a pencil just seems much more convenient. 🙂 x

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    1. I’m too lazy to try any of those brow powders or gels. I think I’m just not enough of a hard core makeup fanatic 😂 pencils are so easy, you should definitely give it a go 😊😘


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