Super Quick Workout Series – Arms

I’ve decided I want to branch out on this blog a bit. I believe health is something that applies both inside and out. Most skin issues can be linked to diet or a variety of other factors. I’m a big believer in:

“healthy insides equal healthy outsides”

I think everyone needs a little sweat in their life and help getting their blood flowing so I’ve decided to try and starting including some health and fitness related posts into this blog. This series is going to be sets of super quick workouts you can do at home with little or no equipment.


Before working out, you should always start with a warm up to get things moving and help prevent injury. I have being doing this abbreviated version of a sun salutation series which really gets my blood flowing. (I also do this every morning when I wake up, really helps clear the sleep from my head).


This arms workout should take you around 10 to 15 minutes.  Do 10 repetitions of each exercise, try to keep the breaks in between as minimal as possible, repeat the cycle 3 times.

It best to do the bicep curls and bent over rows  with some weights. I bought some ankle weights from TK Maxx for less than 10 bucks and have been using those. Bottles with water also make great weights as well. So use whatever you have. I’m still doing the pushups on my knees but do what feels most comfortable for you.


If 10 repetitions is too much for you cut it down to 5, if it doesn’t feel like enough, bump it up to 15. Do what feels most comfortable for you!

I like to end my workouts with a Plank , either with a build-up series or for as long as I can.

*Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, this workout is based on experience and what works for me, every body is different. Follow these exercises at your own discretion and be mindful of any pre-existing injuries.

Let me know how you feel if you try it!




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