About Me

Hello people of the Internet! My name is Rachael and I moved to Europe from Australia midway through 2014…

Now I am in no way an expert in anything to do with cosmetics or skin care, I know a bit about environmental factors but that’s about it. My background is in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Natural Resources. I love fashion, looking nice, and products that are well designed.

This blog is about Green Beauty, Clean Beauty, Natural Beauty, whatever you prefer to call it! (and maybe a few other bits and pieces too!)

I test out natural cosmetic and skin care products and write my thoughts about them in the hopes it will help others.

I try to reduce my impact on the earth where I can, though of course not enough. I have read many articles where they say that every little thing that each individual does to help the earth makes a difference. Then on the other side, there are others contradicting this point and saying that its really only the large corporations that can really make a difference on the environment. I suppose I am not an advocate for one option over the other, but I do think that individuals can make a difference with the choice they make, even if its only a small impact. I believe it is certainly up to the larger corporations to bite the bullet and do something right, otherwise there won’t be anything left on this earth to create their products from anyway.

I hope to help influence others into making greener/cleaner/healthier decisions in their day to day live, just as I try to do myself.

None of the links on my site are affiliate links.



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